Method: PHPCrawler::addLinkPriority()

Adds a regular expression togehter with a priority-level to the list of rules that decide what links should be prefered.

public addLinkPriority($regex, $level)


$regex string Regular expression definig the rule
$level int The priority-level


bool  TRUE if a valid preg-pattern is given as argument and was succsessfully added, otherwise it returns FALSE.


Links/URLs that match an expression with a high priority-level will be followed before links with a lower level.
All links that don't match with any of the given rules will get the level 0 (lowest level) automatically.

The level can be any positive integer.


Telling the crawler to follow links that contain the string "forum" before links that contain ".gif" before all other found links.$crawler->addLinkPriority("/forum/", 10);
$cralwer->addLinkPriority("/\.gif/", 5);