Method: PHPCrawler::enableAggressiveLinkSearch()

Enables or disables agressive link-searching.

public enableAggressiveLinkSearch($mode)


$mode bool 




If this is set to FALSE, the crawler tries to find links only inside html-tags (< and >).
If this is set to TRUE, the crawler tries to find links everywhere in an html-page, even outside of html-tags.
The default value is TRUE.

Please note that if agressive-link-searching is enabled, it happens that the crawler will find links that are not meant as links and it also happens that it
finds links in script-parts of pages that can't be rebuild correctly - since there is no javascript-parser/interpreter implemented.
(E.g. javascript-code like document.location.href= a_var + ".html").

Disabling agressive-link-searchingn results in a better crawling-performance.