Method: PHPCrawler::handleHeaderInfo()

Overridable method that will be called after the header of a document was received and BEFORE the content
will be received.

public handleHeaderInfo(PHPCrawlerResponseHeader $header)


$header PHPCrawlerResponseHeader The header as PHPCrawlerResponseHeader-object


int  The document won't be received if you let this method return any negative value.


Everytime a header of a document was received, the crawler will call this method.
If this method returns any negative integer, the crawler will NOT reveice the content of the particular page or file.

Example:class MyCrawler extends PHPCrawler
  function handleHeaderInfo(PHPCrawlerResponseHeader $header)
    // If the content-type of the document isn't "text/html" -> don't receive it.
    if ($header->content_type != "text/html")
      return -1;

  function handleDocumentInfo($PageInfo)
    // ...