Method: PHPCrawler::initChildProcess()

Overridable method that will be called by every used child-process just before it starts the crawling-procedure.

public initChildProcess()


No parameter-descriptions available.


No information


Every child-process of the crawler will call this method just before it starts it's crawling-loop from within it's

So when using the multi-process mode "PHPCrawlerMultiProcessModes::MPMODE_CHILDS_EXECUTES_USERCODE", this method
should be overidden and used to open any needed database-connections, file streams or other similar handles to ensure
that they will get opened and accessible for every used child-process.

Example:class MyCrawler extends PHPCrawler
  protected $mysql_link;

  function initChildProcess()
    // Open a database-connection for every used process
    $this->mysql_link = mysql_connect("myhost", "myusername", "mypassword");
    mysql_select_db ("mydatabasename", $this->mysql_link);

  function handleDocumentInfo($PageInfo)
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO urls SET url = '".$PageInfo->url."';", $this->mysql_link);

// Start crawler with 5 processes
$crawler = new MyCrawler();
$crawler->goMultiProcessed(5, PHPCrawlerMultiProcessModes::MPMODE_CHILDS_EXECUTES_USERCODE);